Lores Budiño y Compañía S.C.


Is a firm of public accountants and business advisors which provides professional services to meet the needs of companies with specific solutions which stimulate their competitiveness according to the current market demands, by controlling its risks and providing added value to each of its activities.

Lores Budiño y Compañía S.C., has been present in Mexican market since 1929. Founded by Rafael Lores Budiño and legally incorporated as a company by Luis Lores Rodriguez in 1979. In 1985 Luis Lores Anaya joined the firm and since 1991 he is the one who manages the company. From 2009 to 2010 the firm was part of the global business network called Baker Tilly International.



Guarantee to each of our clients through an overall strategic vision, and under the stringent ethic basis, the best advice to develop its business at international and national level, and to meet at a professional and social commitment level the services requested, making the members of our firm to achieve a world-class economic and social recognition.


Lograr y mantener reconocimiento como proveedor de servicios especializados para el desarrollo de las empresas en México con presencia nacional y alcances internacionales.


Ethics – Always dignity, reliability, and honor.pluma2
Certainty – Level of response expected by our clients.
Quality – Level of response expected by our clients.
Permanence – Stability and solidarity with our clients.
Evolution – Bring up to date our activities to the modern world.
Confidentiality – Full protection of the information provided by our clients.